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David Muller Dossous also known as Kid Cray-z was born on February 26, 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts.


He came to Florida at the age of 7 to live with his Father whom has raised him on his own. Growing up, David had a hard time fitting in. He was often bullied and teased by neighborhood kids, later he would start getting into fights in school and get suspended or even kicked out.


He later attended South Plantation High School. He graduated in 2008 at the age of 19 as a fifth year senior due to an incident that occurred his freshman year. He was ranked as one of the top writers in the state of Florida after taking the FCAT writing test in 2006.


He would later attend McFatter Technical Center in Davie, FL where he earned his degree in Multimedia Design and Communications in 2011. After a short seven month stint at Broward College in 2012, David dropped out to pursue other projects.


In 2013, David began writing his first book. He often stated that when he starts to get ideas, he would have to write them down. His mentor Ms. Lorna Headley whom he met while working as an afterschool care counselor in 2011, told him that his writing skills were raw and fantastic and that he should keep going. In 2014, David's mentor Ms. Lorna Headley passed away just three weeks before the publishing of his first book The Chronicles Of Kryptic Volume 1. He puts her picture on every book he releases.


In the summer of 2014, David began working on his second book The Chronicles Of Kryptic volume 2. With the excitement of publishing his first book, he was eager to release the sequel. It was released in the summer of 2015. David states that Vol.2 was personally his best work thus far.


In 2015, David would get back to work, writing the trilogy to the Chronicles Of Kryptic. The third installment. The Chronicles Of Kryptic Volume 3 was released in the summer of 2016.


In September of 2016, David founded his company titled UnderGround Literature, where he helps other aspiring writers to get their material published.


As of 2017, David has taken some time off from writing to focus on both Music Producing as well as hosting the revamped radio show Down n' Dirty With Ya Boy Ron-Don alongside Co-host, Business Partner, and Friend Ronald Joseph a.k.a. Ron-Don. He is currently working on Volume 4 of the Kryptic series which will be set to be released sometime in 2018. to see our prices go to our promotion page thank you kid cray-z




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